Two horses put down after being dumped dying in a lane

  • A pony and a foal have been put down after being found dumped and dying in a remote country lane.

    The RSPCA is appealing for information after the pony and a foal were found in Shoreham Lane in Orpington, Kent on 12 October.

    A skewbald colt, thought to be a yearling, and a four month-old bay foal with white flecks, had been abandoned.

    Copy of IMGP0491The pony was so underweight and weak that he had collapsed in the middle of the road. As he was in such a bad state he was put down on vet advice.

    The foal was also extremely thin, and had nasty infected leg wounds, thought to be caused by untreated dog bites.

    He was taken to a vets where they attempted to help him, but he didn’t respond to treatment and also had to be put to sleep to prevent further suffering.

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    “The pony was one of the thinnest horses I have ever seen — his bones really sticking out and he could be picked up with my hands he was so light, despite being 12hh high,” said RSPCA inspector Anthony Pulfer.

    “He had chronic diarrhoea and was collapsed in the middle of the road due to being so weak.

    “The foal was also in a terrible way. The infection on his legs had got right into his bones, resulting in a really nasty wound.

    “They had obviously been neglected for quite some time — probably most of their lives as they were both so young.

    “What makes this story even sadder for me is these short unhappy lives ended with them being callously dumped to suffer on their own in a remote lane.”

    Anyone with information should call: 0300 123 8018.

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