Treat-seeking wild ponies wreak havoc in Somerset

  • Members of the public have been urged not to feed wild ponies in Somerset, after several people have been injured by the treat-seeking animals.

    The Quantock Pony Commoners Association says that feeding the ponies on the common is dangerous and could lead to serious harm.

    They cited times where ponies have bitten visitors and even broken a person’s leg.

    “Due to an increase of Quantock ponies being fed by visitors, the ponies are becoming more of a nuisance to other visitors to the Quantock Hill,” a spokesman for the Quantock Pony Commoners Association said.

    never feed them.”

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    He explained that the ponies’ behaviour has changed as a result of them being fed and they have started to congregate in car parks.

    “[They are] naturally inquisitive animals, they form patterns and have quickly learnt to associate cars with food,” the spokesman said. “There have been recent cases of a pony breaking someone’s leg, biting and causing vehicle damage.

    “Please do not add to the problem and for you own safety stay well clear of the ponies and
    Around 50 ponies graze on the Quantock Hilltops, 30 on Quantock Common and 20 on Aisholt Common.

    The ponies help manage vegetation by grazing the hilltops.

    Wild ponies in Dartmoor damage car

    Last month (11 October) H&H reported that wild ponies in Dartmoor had reportedly caused £1,200 worth of damage to a car — by licking its paintwork.

    The unsuspecting driver parked his car in Dartmoor National Park to embark on a hike around the moors.

    When he returned to the car park later that day he found that 12 ponies were licking the vehicle.

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