Trapped Shire rescued

  • Rescue services called to help free a Shire horse trapped in a Dorset bog

    A Shire horse called Bruno has been saved by local firefighters after being found stuck in a bog nearCorfe Castle, in Dorset.

    The firefighters were called to Bruno’s field in the early afternoon after his owner, Nick Moss, found him stuck in the mud. When area fire officer Colin Chapman arrived with a special “off-road” fire appliance, only the horse’s head and neck were visible above ground.

    The poor horse was absolutely stuck but had stopped sinking so we waited for a local vet to arrive before we started digging him out,” says Colin. “The vet gave him asedative to help keep him still and we started to move the mud from around him.

    “The area was extremely boggy so we made working platforms out of bales of hay and tarpaulins. We also removed our hard hats and bright clothing to prevent frightening Bruno.

    “We eventually managed to get straps around his body and started to winch him out. It was slow and tiring work. We were concerned that he might be injured if we worked too quickly, but the vet was on hand throughout to advise.

    “When we finally pulled Bruno clear of the mud nearly three hours later and rolled him onto his chest, he allowed us to rub him down to remove the worst of the mud and help raise his body temperature.

    By the time we left he was back on his feet and was moving about which was good to see.”

    According to Colin, being called out to help trapped animals, including horses, is all part of a day’s work for firefighters.

    “It’s not uncommon for ‘shouts’ to involvelarge animals, such as cattle and horses. The horses are normally easier to deal with than cattle which tend to throw themselves around, injuring themselves and the fire crew.”

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