Tragic end to loading accident

  • A pony has been destroyed after breaking a leg during a loading accident

    A pony whose leg became trapped in a trailer has been put down after breaking its hind leg.

    Firefighters from Stockton in Teeside, worked for more than an hour to free the pony after its hindleg became trapped between the floor of the trailer and the ramp.

    Two fire crews were called to Warren Farm in Stockton just after 8.15pm last week andarrived shortly before the vet.

    Station officer Alan Powles said: “The vet was excellent – she arrived shortly after us and immediately sedated the pony which was in considerable distress.”

    Fireman then worked quickly andquietly to set up a mobile lighting unit and under the guidance of the vet, worked to free the pony’s leg.

    “Originally I wanted to cut the hinges of the ramp and lower the trailer to the floor using airbags,” explained Alan Powles, “but because there was another horse still in the trailer, we couldn’t. Instead we used spreading tools to widen the gap between the ramp and the edge of the trailer until the leg was freed.”

    In the extraction process one of the hinges snapped, butfireman secured the ramp to allow the other horse to be safely unloaded.

    The pony’s hindleg was broken and under veterinary advice, the family took the decision to have the pony put down.

    It was very distressing for all those involved” said Mr Powles. “In our view the job went well but unfortunately it wasn’t the end result we hoped for.”

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