Top riders speak out in this week’s Horse & Hound

  • Paul Tapner

    In our exclusive interview, Paul reveals he owns an “endless supply of self-help books”, which he listens to on his ipod.

    Anky van Grunsven

    Did you know that the Dutch Olympic Champion has a passion for reining and used to enjoy working in her father’s DIY store?

    Tina Cook

    H&H’s eventing columnist adds her voice to those riders against the four-star dressage and grassroots cross-country taking place on the same day at Badminton, and believes that the grassroots restrictions should be tightened up to ensure rider are “true amateurs, not professionals returning after a break.”

    Pammy Hutton

    Our dressage columnists is thanking devine intervention, as a visit by the Pope changes the date of the national dressage championships. “Thank you, God” she says.

    Graham Fletcher

    Graham is impressed by the efficiency of French show organisers and remembers Harvey Smith’s rather drastic “get ’em in and get ’em out’ solution at the Great Yorkshire when classes were running late.

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