Suffolk horse Saxon returns to his home stud after 15 years

  • A Suffolk horse has been returned to his birthplace – with help from the RSPCA and Redwings – after a stud farm admitted they could not cope with looking after him.

    The struggling stud signed 18hh gelding Saxon over to the RSPCA after caring for him became too much and his health began to suffer as a result.

    The RSPCA traced his breeding back to the Somerleyton Estate, near Lowestoft, Suffolk, and contacted the stud.

    They said they would be happy to have him back and 17-year-old Saxon, who left his birthplace as a two-year-old, will now be reunited with his dam after 15 years.

    Norfolk-based charity Redwings Horse Sanctuary, which looks after over 1,200 horses, ponies and donkeys and has experience of transporting large horses, was asked to help.

    Redwings welfare officer Julie Harding and vet Roxane Kirton set off at 3am on 8 December for the 12-hour round trip to take Saxon back to Suffolk.

    Julie said: “We have vast experience in moving large equines over long distances. Thanks to our supporters, we have the capacity to provide dedicated transport when required and are prepared for any eventuality.

    “Being such a large horse, we always take one of out vets along in case of any potential problems. These problems are very rare however and, despite being a long journey, Saxon took it all in his stride.”

    Somerleyton Estate manager Edward Knowles said he was delighted to have Saxon back where he belongs.

    He said: “He’s a big lad. Magnificent. Horses have fantastic memories and, once he was off the Redwings’ transport, he appeared relaxed and familiar with his surroundings.

    “Saxon will remain at our Fritton stables while he settles in and will be reunited with his mother at Somerleyton in the spring.”

  • For more information on Redwings Horse Sanctuary, please visit www.redwings.co.uk.
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