SPANA launches fundraising appeal to train farriers in Africa

  • H&H’s charity of the year, SPANA, has launched a major fundraising appeal to train farriers in Africa.

    The programme follows a study that showed that 99% of horses in Ethiopia have hoof abnormality.

    In SPANA’s survey of 320 carthorses in 2 towns in Ethiopia, nearly all were suffering with problems caused by poor farriery. 

    SPANA is aiming to raise £40,000 to fund the programmes to train farriers in Ethiopia, Morocco and Tunisia

    “This study is just the tip of the iceberg. We urgently need to focus our efforts on the prevention of lameness, which causes untold misery every day,” said Dr Andrew Stringer, SPANA’s director of veterinary programmes.

    “A simple and very treatable problem like overgrown hooves can lead to tendon damage and in some cases horrific trip injuries. We often see horseshoes crudely hammered on with masonry nails potentially penetrating the sensitive areas of the hoof, causing infections and excruciating pain.

    “This suffering can go untreated for months and once chronic lameness occurs, it is notoriously difficult to manage. By the time our vets get to see the animal its condition is sometimes so advanced, it’s too late to help them and euthanasia is the only option. This is why prevention is the best solution.”

    To donate visit: www.spana.org/lameness



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