Snuggy Hoods pass on savings by slashing prices by up to 25%

  • Snuggy Hoods are offering a helping hand to horse owners in the tough economic climate — by slashing prices by up to 25 per cent.

    The Trowbridge-based manufacturer of hoods, rugs and accessories has recently changed production methods. The change has led to a cut in costs to Snuggy Hoods, and the company decided to pass this on to consumers.

    “We know horse owners are really struggling, and we really value our customers, so rather than pocket the new margin, we decided to cut prices across the board,” said Becky Godfrey-Faussett from Snuggy Hoods.

    “It just made sense — and it’s a win-win situation all round!”

    Becky emphasised that although the change in production methods has brought prices down, there is no change to the quality of the equine products.

    For more information on Snuggy Hoods products, visit www.snuggyhoods.com

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