Show director’s house burns down [PICS]

  • Arena UK show director, Lauren Humphries’ house caught fire while she was on holiday in Crete last week.

    “It was far worse than we had been told, we’ve lost everything,” said Lauren.

    Staff had alerted the fire service, after they had seen smoke coming out of Humphries’ home at 10.45pm on 5 July.

    The interior and the roof were badly damaged

    The interior and the roof were badly damaged

    30 firemen in 8 fire engines battled to save the house and contents.

    The fire, which started in the dressing room off Lauren’s bedroom, was caused by an electrical fault.

    dressing room

    The charred remains of the dressing room

    The firemen worked tirelessly to salvage the family’s photos and other personal belongings. Even the rosettes belonging to Lauren’s children, Katie, 12 and Chloe, 9 were saved.

    But almost everything else was lost in the blaze.

    The kitchen was also badly damaged

    The kitchen was also badly damaged

    The house, built in the 1890s, may have to pulled down as the roof was lost, and the water and smoke damage is so severe.

    “We have moved in with my father, until a caravan arrives for us to live in,” said Lauren.

    house 3

    The fire did not stop the Lincolnshire showground hosting the Arena UK Riding Club Show on the day after the fire (6 July).

    Lauren returned home from her holiday early (on 7 July) when she heard about the fire.

    The following weekend she went to the Kent County Show with daughter, Chloe, to watch her qualify for HOYS in the first ridden class, with High Top Dancing Bee.

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