Scottish horse refuge appeals for help with winter feed bill

  • A Scottish animal charity which cares for 50 horses needs help to pay its winter feed bill.

    Willows Animal Sanctuary, a registered charity in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, specialises in taking in animals unsuitable for rehoming due to age or previous mistreatment.

    The sanctuary needs £60,000 a year to keep afloat, £10,000 of which pays for winter feed.

    But due to a low number of visitors last summer (because of wet weather) and two vital funding deals falling through, Willows is now experiencing a serious cash crisis.

    Donations, can be made online at www.willowsanimals.com or by post to Willows Animal Sanctuary, Lambhill Farm, Strichen, Fraserburgh, Scotland, AB43 6NY .

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