Runaway racehorse gallops through the streets of Newmarket

  • A runaway racehorse shocked onlookers in Newmarket earlier this week when it escaped onto the High Street.

    The police were called at 11.20am on Monday (14 June) as the horse galloped down the road before being caught outside Innocence nightclub.

    “We were told there was a loose horse running up the High Street towards the Cambridge end with a jockey in pursuit,” a police spokesman told H&H.

    “We didn’t have much involvement though as it was handled quickly by stablelads.”

    Police said the horse is in training with Sir Michael Stoute but a spokesman from the yard declined to comment nor name the horse.

    Onlooker Nicola Rayner told local press: “It was going like a bat out of hell straight down the High Street.”

    “It was lucky it didn’t hit anyone or injure itself, it’s not something that you see every day.”

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