RSPCA appeal for information after an emaciated foal is found

  • The RSCPA are appealing for information after an emaciated foal was found by the side of a road in Surrey.

    The young colt was discovered in the morning of the 21 February on a footpath off Green Lane, Chessington. He weighed just 80kg.

    As well as being emaciated he has very poor conformation and bandy legs. He was also very muddy and appeared to have vegetable oil on his coat.

    The foal, which has been named Twinkle by staff, due to the white star on his forehead, was wearing a red headcollar with a dirty lead rein hanging from it. He is very friendly and the RSPCA believe he has been well handled.

    RSPCA inspector Nicky Thorne thinks he may have been stolen and dumped when the thief realised he was worth very little due to his poor conformation. It is likely that he was dumped from the back of a lorry or trailer.

    “It is possible that this animal was dumped by his owner after he was allowed to get into such poor condition.

    “However, we cannot rule out the possibility he was stolen and then later dumped when the thief realised he was worth very little due to having badly formed legs.

    “This was a totally heartless act, regardless of who was responsible and it is very lucky Twinkle was spotted before he wandered out into the road and was hit by a car.

    “This is a very busy road so we hope somebody may remember seeing a lorry or trailer stopped at the side of the road that day and be able to provide us with more information.”

    Twinkle is currently in the care of a specialist livery stable.

    Anyone with an information about the foal is asked to contact the RSPCA tel: 0300 1234999

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