RSCPA appeals for information after emaciated pony found abandoned

  • The RSPCA is appealing for information after an emaciated pony was found abandoned in Hertfordshire.

    The two-year-old bay was found in a field on Highfield Drive in St Albans. The RSCPA were alerted to the pony on Monday (25 January) after its rug became entangled on a fence.

    When inspectors Mel Fisher and James Bromley came to see the pony they found it to be emaciated with no muscle or fat on its body

    Inspector Fisher said: “This horse was the thinnest I think I have ever seen. I was surprised that he was still standing.

    “I hope that if anyone knows where he came from they will contact the RSPCA as soon as possible.”

    The pony also has penile paralysis, often associated with poor body condition.

    He is now in the care of World Horse Welfare and has been named Mervyn.

    Anyone with information should telephone the RSPCA. Tel: 0300 1234 999.

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