Roland’s nags and nails: new arrival prompts paternity leave

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    For those of you who look forward to reading my blog each Monday, I’m sorry for the delay this week, but my wife has just given birth to a baby boy!

    As you can imagine it’s been a little frantic these past few days, and I’m now in charge of keeping our 18-month old daughter entertained while my wife is busy with the baby.

    I’ve got a few weeks off now for my paternity leave, so ‘Nags and Nails’ will be offline until work resumes.

    It will be a nice chance to spend time with the family and recharge my batteries, but the way things are going, I think it will be a relief to get back to work.

    Anyway, mother and child (who we’ve yet to name — any suggestions welcome) are both doing very well and the birth itself went very smoothly. No need for the calving ropes after all!

    We’re delighted with our new addition and feeling very lucky to have one of each. I’ve threatened my wife with more children, but in response she suggested taking me to the vets, so I think I’ll keep a low profile.

    See you in a couple of weeks.

    Until then,



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