Roland’s nags and nails: ‘how hard can it be’?!

  • There are so many aspects to my training and I feel that I never really convey the enormity of becoming a farrier. Lots of people were very surprised that I (as an old man of 40yrs) even contemplated it. So many said I was mad.

    I do remember thinking “well, how hard can it be” and “nothing is that difficult”. Well it is that hard and it is that difficult! Perhaps it’s because I’m an old dog and these are tricky tricks to master or perhaps it’s just hard anyway.

    I do seem to go through a lot of ups and downs with my training. Sometimes I feel I’m making good progress and things fall into place easily. At other times, I seem to make no progress at all and it is very dispiriting.

    One thing is for sure though, I am giving 150% of myself to becoming a farrier and if I make it to the end of my apprenticeship and qualify, I will breathe a very long and contented sigh of relief.

    Oh and go a well deserved holiday too.

    In fact that is already booked. March 2015, my wife and I and friends will be on the slopes in Austria. I should have hugely powerful thighs by then from holding up all those blimin’ heavy horses, so skiing all day will be easy!

    Until next week



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