Roland’s nags and nails: flora, fauna and packed lunches

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    I sometimes wonder if I’ve spent my whole life going around with my eyes shut. When it comes to recognising trees and birds, I’m totally illiterate!

    Now that I live and work in the countryside, there is no excuse. So, to begin my ornithology and fauna education plan, I’ve installed Birds of Britain and Trees of Britain on my iPhone.

    My aim is to be able to say ‘Oooh look, is that a Lark in that Larch’, rather than ‘What’s that bird in that tree?’. It’s a worthy goal me thinks and what’s a few hundred trees and birds along with everything I’m learning about shoeing horses. I fear my brain might explode!

    Since starting my farriery apprenticeship, I reckon I’ve made somewhere in the region of 280 packed lunches. Blimey, that’s a lot! No longer can I pop to the deli for a sandwich, or go out for lunch, as I used to back in my office days. Now it’s a packed lunch all the way.

    When I began the apprenticeship, I was quite good at keeping my sarnies interesting. Now, my packed lunch enthusiasm has somewhat dwindled and it’s something that I regret each lunchtime. What to do?! It’s a hassle making a packed lunch, let alone making it complicated, but suggestions for yummy yet quick and easy packed lunch items welcome! For now I think I’ll just add a greater variety of chocolate bars.

    I understand that the fund raising for our trip to Cairo has been immensely successful. Even though we were all booked on the plane, there was still a long way to go to get the funding together. Well, it’s all systems go now so thank you to everyone who has supported the cause including Horse & Hound who have helped raise the profile of the charity.

    Kris, my training farrier, Alex and I are really looking forward to getting out there now and doing whatever we can to improve the care of those Egyptian horses. None of us can imagine quite how the trip will go or what it will be like. One thing is for certain though, I doubt our packed lunches will be boring!

    Until next week,



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