Roland’s nags and nails: crushed by college report

  • There’s just no let up. I’ve said it before but the farriery apprenticeship is so intense.

    I’ve just received my college report (a bit like an end of term report) and even though I have passed my exams to get me through into the third year — and worked my socks off to boot — my college report was hugely dispiriting.

    The college staff feel I need to put a great deal more effort into this apprenticeship, and even have concerns about my performance where I know there aren’t concerns. I am confused to say the least.

    The euphoria of passing my exams has been well and truly crushed. Kris, my training farrier gets a copy of my report too and, luckily for me, he knows what my strengths and weaknesses really are and he was quite philosophical about the report and what I need to concentrate on.

    On a more positive note, I still love the apprenticeship and farriery profession. Kris and I spent a fantastic day last week at a farriery clinic run by Handmade Shoes Ltd, who had organised a day of talks and demonstrations.

    Farriers from across the UK had given up their time to attend and it was really inspiring to meet and chat to many of them. A number of apprentices were there too and catching up with them swapping the trials and tribulations of the farriery training program was extremely cathartic! I’m glad I’m not the only one finding the training tough!

    Until next week,



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