Riders in the north warned about planned low flying exercise

  • Horse riders in northern England and Scotland are being warned to take extra care out riding for the next three days due to planned low flying aircraft.

    The planned RAF and NATO combined exercise is taking place today (Tuesday 28 April) until Thursday (30 April) and will generate a lot of low flying aircraft in the area.

    The British Horse Society has warned riders to ensure they wear high-vis gear when out riding. The BHS is also advising riders put high-vis gear on their horses. This will enable pilots to see riders and steer clear better.

    Exercise Wycombe Warrior 01-09 and the NATO Electronic Warfare Integration Programme will be made up of up to 70 sorties a day — and low flying will be restricted to between 10am and 6pm.

    Exercise planners and participating aircrew have said they will do what they can to ensure the training activity causes minimum disruption to the public and horse riders.

    For more information call: 0800 515544

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