Riders help police beat crime

  • A riders’ scheme launched by Dorset Police Eastern Division to help cut crime in rural areas appears to be paying off.

    The scheme was devised to help police monitor some of the huge rural estates in the areas where it is not practical for police cars to go.

    More than 200 riders have signed up to the scheme so far. Each rider is issued with a fluorescent tabard, mobile phone and a notepad.

    Riders are asked to act as observers only and to report anything suspicious.

    Horsewatch co-ordinator, Anita Rigler, says: “The tabard is highly visible and has a Dorset police crest and name on it so we are hoping that it will help act as a deterrent.

    “One of the other benefits of wearing the tabard, which has the message “Please pass wide and slow'” on the back, is a substantial reduction in the number of speeding cars who are now giving the riders much more room when passing.”

    For more information contact Horsewatch (tel:01202226214)

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