Riders campaign to reduce speed limits

  • After several casualties — both horses and human — a new rural campaign group is hoping to have speed limits reduced on country roads.

    The group, “Rural Resistance – Reclaim the Lanes”, wants to get speed limits down to 30mph or 40mph from 60mph on rural roads.

    In order to raise awareness, the group organised a silent walk to get speeds reduced on country roads last weekend (Sunday 14 December).

    It has been set up in Hildenborough, near Tonbridge following an increase in accidents in the village.

    “Riders have been complaining about the speed limits and dangerous driving in the village but the Kent Highways are reluctant to help as no people have died and horse casualties do not count,” said a spokeswoman from the group.

    She said at one stable the roads are so dangerous “horses can barely cross to the field,” and there have been several reports of riders having near misses with cars.

    Kent Highways have put SLOW and horse signs but the group said drivers ignore them.

    Horse riders are calling for current speed limit of 60mph by the local stables and riding school to be lowered as they are finding the road too dangerous to ride on.

    The campaign has put up Kill Your Speed banners by local stables and said it has made a difference. “We don’t hear the tyres squealing anymore,” said one stable owner.

    The walk started from the One Stop Shop in Hildenborough at 12pm and went through a notorious rural “rat run”.

    The group handed out road safety flyers produced by the British Horse Society to people on the walk and gave out handmade “car shaped” postcards for people to write to their MP.

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