Rescued miniature Shetlands settle into new home

  • Five miniature Shetland ponies are settling into their new home after being rescued from a busy road in North Lincolnshire.

    The five ponies were part of a group that had been wandering around roads and verges near Brigg last month. Two ponies died after being hit by a car. The other five are now safely at Bransby Home of Rest For Horses.

    Police and local residents helped to rescue the remaining ponies before they were taken to Bransby, where they were examined by vets.

    The ponies — including a stallion who has since been castrated and named Harris — were found to be suffering from severe worm infestations, and at least three of the mares are believed to be in foal.

    “Unfortunately no owner could be identified and it was clear that somewhere more permanent needed to be found to care for the five tiny, nervous Shetlands,” said a Bransby spokesman.

    “The RSPCA rang us to ask for help and, despite being very full, we simply could not turn away the ponies after such an ordeal. The group is currently undergoing a targeted de-worming program and will be carefully monitored toensure these stubborn parasites are tackled effectively.

    “Though as the ponies may be pregnant, by rescuing five animals Bransby is actually taking on as many as nine new residents!”

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