Redundant shires will move to Norfolk animal sanctuary

  • Two shire horses, made redundant in a round of cuts to Bradford Industrial Museum, have a new home.

    Darcy and Murdoch will move from the Moorside Road museum, where they pull visitors around in a wagon, to the Hillside Sanctuary’s visitor centre in Frettenham, Norfolk on Friday.

    A spokesman for the Hillside centre said although the pair will no longer be in work they will be part of the range of talks that are run at the centre.

    “They will be retired and will live with the other shires we have at the centre,” said Karen Hobden

    Bradford Council said the relocation of the horses was a “difficult decision”, made as a result of the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review.

    A public campaign to save the horses started in June when council bosses revealed plans to find a new home for them.

    A 1,500-name petition was collected and pupils at Allerton Primary School presented posters and letters to the Council, urging leaders to keep them at the centre.

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