Fed up with having to leap off your horse every time you want to put a jump up or down?

A schoolboy from Loughborough may have the answer.

Remote controlled jump stand and cupA level student Callum Hunter, 17, has designed a prototype of a motorised jump cup that can be operated using a small remote control.

“I spent last summer working for event rider Tom Rowland and I realised how much time is wasted getting on and off changing jumps, if you don’t have help on the ground,” he told H&H.

The mechanism is simple. The jump cups on which the poles rest are raised and lowered using a chain and sprocket system within the jump wing.

There is a snag, though. The mechanism does not cater for the careless horse who frequently boots out showjumps.

This news story was first published in Horse & Hound magazine (26 September 2013).