Portable shockwave therapy made easier for vets

  • Vets have been struggling to administer in-field radial Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (rESWT) treatment for years, but a new portable device could help solve the problem.

    The new Swiss Dolorclast Smart can be easily transported to any site that has a power supply, allowing vets to bring the treatment to the horse, rather than vice versa.

    “Vets have had some problems getting the treatment device to their patients in the past,” said Jim Westwood, managing partner of Spectrum Technology.

    “With the Swiss Dolorclast Smart , the vet can easily load the device into the boot of their vehicle and all they need at the other end is a power supply.”

    Smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the Swiss Dolorclast Vet, the new device’s compressor weighs just 15kg and comes with a hand-held applicator, separate head unit and durable carry case.

    An alternative to invasive surgery, the rESWT technology can be used to treat and manage symptoms related to insertion desmopathy, dorsal spinal processes, sacroiliac pain and navicular disease.

    The Swiss Dolorclast Smart works by passing low-energy radial shockwaves through the horse’s skin to the injured part of its body.

    This causes an inflammatory reaction in the injured tissue, prompting the horse’s body to increase blood circulation and therefore the metabolism within the injured area.

    The intention is to accelerate natural healing by increasing cell generation and dissolving calcium deposits.

    Visit www.spectrumtechnologyuk.com or call 01202 761198.

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