Pony with ‘horrific leg wounds’ making promising recovery *warning graphic image*

  • A pony that was found dumped with horrific leg wounds is making a good recovery.

    The pony, a nine-month old filly named Elsa, was dumped on Follingsby Lane, Tyne and Wear, on 13 January with extensive injuries.

    She had been left to suffer with serious wounds, thought to have been caused by being dragged along the floor, or following an accident after by being improperly harnessed to a cart.

    Young pony found with horrific wounds IMG_4811

    She was rescued by the RSPCA and taken into the charity’s care.

    We are so pleased with Elsa’s progress, she is doing so well and is such a sweet filly despite this terrible ordeal. We are very pleased to say she is even going out into her field now for short periods of time,” said Lisa Paulin, yard manager at RSPCA Felledge equine centre.

    Young pony found with horrific wounds Elsa pony

    “When she first arrived she was clearly in so much pain from the wounds on her back legs.

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    “The injury was enormous and so severe that even her muscles were exposed.

    “The vet who examined Elsa when she was first found believed she had been suffering with these wounds for at least three days before she was found, as the area was covered in dead skin and had become badly infected.

    “Thankfully, we have been able to treat her legs with a special solution to create a barrier that has prevented further infection, and also helped the skin to repair so she is more comfortable.”

    Young pony found with horrific wounds Elsa 2 week

    She added that the centre had been “overwhelmed” with messages of support.

    “We would like to thank everybody who has been thinking of Elsa, checking in to our Facebook page to see how she is, and of course to those who have donated to help us fund her recovery. We are so grateful for the support.

    “Elsa has been very brave and in time when she has fully recovered, we look forward to matching her with her perfect adopter and forever home.”

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