Ponies on ice comes to Britain for the first time

  • First celebrities were “dancing on ice”, and now horses are too.

    For the first time in Britain, horses will be taking to the ice for a one-off performance.

    In Icehorses GB, Icelandic horses will be ridden by some of Iceland’s finest riders in what is promised to be an impressive display.

    There will also be an “IceTölt” competition, judged on the four-beat tölt gait unique to Icelandic horses.

    Due to the high speed involved, the horses are fitted with special ice shoes that have two studs in the back and two ice nails in the front for grip.

    The performance will take place on Saturday, 19 April at Planet Ice in Basingstoke. Tickets cost £13.

    Tel: 01256 355266 for more information.

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