Police appeal after donkey stabbed 12 times

  • A donkey has been stabbed 12 times at a farm in Wales.

    Cheeky, a 22-year-old donkey, was found with 12 puncture wounds to her legs, abdomen and neck on Saturday (29 November).

    Police are now appealing for information to find the attacker.

    She was injured overnight between 5pm on Friday (27 November) and 7.45am on Saturday morning.

    The donkey was in her stable at Greenmeadow Community Farm, Cwmbran when the attack happened.

    “When our staff went to check on her in the morning they immediately realised something was seriously wrong — there was blood everywhere,” Kate Holly from the centre told H&H.

    “We called the vet immediately, who told us they were puncture wounds.”

    The stable was checked for nails and other hazards, but none were found.

    ‘We’ve never had anything like this happen here before,” added Ms Holly.

    “We have CCTV but we will be stepping up security now.”

    Cheeky is one of three donkeys at the farm, which are used to help people to learn how to interact with animals. She has been at the Cwmbran farm since 2006.

    Ms Holly told H&H that Cheeky has been “subdued” since the incident and it is not yet known how long her recovery process will be.

    “The vet has been out every day, but we’re not sure the extent of her injuries yet,” said Ms Holly.

    “She’s been very quiet but she’s eaten a little bit today [Tuesday 2 December] and she still comes to people, which we were surprised by. She’s coping remarkably well considering the circumstances.”

    The donkey is apparently Cheeky by name and nature. And she is missing out on a starring role in the farm’s Nativity.

    “We have a Nativity every day, with Father Christmas and one of the donkeys, but she’s missed that as she’s still recovering.”

    Anyone with information is asked to call Gwent Police on 101.

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