Persistent horse abuser convicted

  • A 75-year-old Surrey woman has been convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to a horse after breaching two court orders

    Reigate Magistrates have found a 75-year-old woman, guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a filly and breaching two previous court orders banning her from keeping horses.

    Ellen Mary Jones of East Park Farm, Surrey, was convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to a two-year-old filly called Flannel Foot’s Daughter.

    In continuing to keep horses she was also found guilty of breaching a 1994 Court Order banning her from keeping animals for 20 years and a 1995 Court Order banning her from keeping horses for life.

    In January this year Ted Barnes, field officer for the ILPH accompanied RSPCA inspector Phil Mann and the police when they arrested and charged Ellen Jones with causing unnecessary suffering to the filly.

    Despite being taken to Cherry Tree Farm, the ILPH Equine Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre near Lingfield. Surrey, staff were unable to save her and the filly was put to sleep after she collapsed.

    Ted Barnes said: “Despite two Court Orders, Jones has continued tobreed and keep ponies on her property, saying that they were being looked after by a third party.”

    Since 27 July 2000, Ted Barnes made 35 visits to Ms Jones’s property to check on the welfare of numerous ponies. Ellen Jones then signed over 12 ponies to the ILPH, while six had to be put down on veterinary advice, due to malnutrition and neglect.

    Ted Barnes said: “It is appalling that the law allows somebody who has been banned from keeping all animals to continue todo so perpetuating the misery and suffering of the poor creatures. I only hope that her sentence will reflect the severity of the case.”

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