Pass Wide and Slow: riders provide training for lorry drivers

  • Riders in Suffolk have launched an initiative to help improve the way lorry drivers pass horses.

    On behalf of the Pass Wide and Slow campaign group, Christine Brindle and her husband John have created a video to help encourage and educate lorry drivers to pass horses safely.

    A petition created by the Pass Wide and Slow group, launched by Cornish rider Debbie Smith on 14 September last year, has reached over 85,000 signatures and was taken to the transport minister earlier this year (23 February).

    The Brindles’ footage shows instances where riders have been passed in an unsafe manner, as well as instructions for drivers.

    Mrs Brindle also met the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) last month (20 April).

    RoSPA runs courses for freight drivers with sections involving vulnerable road users.

    “Cyclists, the disabled, elderly and pedestrians are featured but not riders,” Mrs Brindle told H&H.

    “I contacted RoSPA and asked if they could include horses and riders. They agreed and I will be putting together information for them to include in their courses.”

    Mrs Brindle also hopes to adapt the information given by the DVLA to learner drivers on how to drive safely around horses.

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    “At the moment horses only feature in the hazard perception (in the theory test) where you just touch the screen if you see a hazard,” she added. “That’s not teaching someone how to pass a horse and rider.”

    Mrs Bridle is working with her local MP James Cartlidge to implement this change.

    For more information visit: http://tinyurl.com/passwideandslow

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