Parasailing Russian donkey dies of heart attack

  • Anapka, the donkey who shot to fame for parasailing over a Russian beach last summer, has died of a suspected heart attack.

    Vets have suggested that Anapka’s death was provoked by stress brought on by the parasailing company’s advertising stunt.

    Her horrific ordeal, when she “flew” 150ft through the sky attached to a parachute and pulled by a speedboat, sparked international outrage, including a rescue campaign launched by The Sun newspaper.

    Anapka fell ill in December and died last month in her new home outside Moscow, which was found for her by The Sun. Although her physical condition was fine when she arrived at the stables she began to suffer dizzy spells and refused to eat or drink.

    “She became very weak,” Strely Yarily stables manager Yulia Dobrovolskaya told the Daily News. “Vets had to force-feed her for more than a week before she died.”

    Ms Dobrovolskaya, who is also a trained vet, put the donkey’s illness down to the stress of the parasailing stunt, which lasted for half an hour.

    “A young horse may recover but for an old one there is no way back,” she added.

    Anapka’s reported age varied from 17 to 40 years old.

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