Painting donkey fails to impress on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent

  • Patty the painting donkey has become the latest victim of Simon Cowell’s red buzzer. And the Britain’s Got Talent judge has taken to Twitter to vent his distaste of the equine act.

    “If you are an animal reading this, please rehearse for next year’s Britain’s Got Talent now. A painting donkey was the best we got this year,” he tweeted, before adding, damningly: “Who was terrible, by the way.”

    Simon is famously hard to please on the ITV show. Patty’s “abstract” style didn’t cut it, with the judge telling viewers he’d hoped she’d do “a mountain range”.

    “My advice is you actually pay for the donkey to have painting or drawing lessons,” he said.

    But Vicky Greenslade, who taught Patty to paint at the HorseWorld rescue centre
    in Bristol, said Simon’s comments wouldn’t stop Patty’s artistic career.

    “We’ve already had another commission for one of her paintings since the programme aired and people have been coming to the centre especially to see her,” she said.

    This news story was first published in Horse & Hound magazine (30 May 2013)

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