Nick Skelton’s vet can return to work after two-year ban

  • Nick Skelton’s former vet can return to work after being struck off by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) for “disgraceful conduct” (news, 22 November 2007).

    In October 2006 John Brennand Williams of the Avonvale Veterinary Practice, Banbury, Oxfordshire, certified that three horses, including Nick’s Olympic show jumper Russel, were fit to travel to the USA, despite not knowing the results of tests for the venereal disease contagious equine metritis.

    The RCVS disciplinary committee decided to restore Mr Williams to the RCVS register at a hearing on 26 October.

    Mr Williams said his two-year ban had been a “salutary experience”.

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