Newborn foal rescued from East London river

  • A foal, thought to be less than 48 hours old, was rescued from a river in Edmonton in East London on Friday (19 April).

    The tiny skewbald was found by a member of the public, who alerted the RSPCA.

    Named “Shaking Stephen” by members of the fire brigade who saved him, the foal is currently being cared for at the Galley Hill Equine Surgery in Waltham Abbey, Essex.

    Resident vet Andrea Smith, said: “The river ran by a waterworks. We have no idea how he ended up there, but there was no sign of a broodmare, so we suspect that, sadly, he may have been put there. He is doing very well, considering.”

    A post on the practice’s Facebook page over the weekend read: “Little Stephen successfully learnt to drink from a bucket this morning, thanks to our nurse, Carolina, who is working with him. His new favourite hobby is to chase you and wipe his disgusting milk beard all over you!”

    Having appealed for a foster mare over the weekend the practice had two offers, but neither was suitable.

    “Unfortunately he didn’t seem to want to interact with either of them. This can happen when a foal is separated from its mother at such an early age,” said Andrea.

    Stephen is due to be transferred to Redwings in Norfolk this week, where he will continue to be hand-reared.

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