New “tail lights” for equine road safety

  • Glow in the dark horses? If you were driving at dusk, you’d switch on your lights. And now, thanks to a new product, you could soon activate a new tail light — on your horse.

    Tail Lights was set up by Sami Gros from Montana, USA and was inspired by an accident four years ago. She and a friend, who was riding Sami’s horse, were riding back to their barn — in high vis gear — when her friend and horse were hit by a car.

    “Every day riders have to navigate along busy roads,” said Sami.

    “Sometimes riders find themselves returning at dusk and back to the barn in the dark. Without adequate lighting, horses are often not seen by motorists until it is too late.”

    Her solution aims to keep horses “stylish and safe”.

    Tail Lights are LED lights that can attach to a horse’s tail and glow. The system fits a battery pack into a saddle bag and a thin cable connects to the specialised neoprene tail wrap.

    The product is still in the prototype stage, for more information email: Support@Tail-Lights.com

    This story was originally published in Horse & Hound on 12 December

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