New product boosts wheelbarrow capacity by 300%

  • A new product designed to boost the capacity of a wheelbarrow by 300% has been launched.

    The extra capacity means that the Wheelbarrow Booster saves time when mucking out stables – by fitting this product only one trip to a muckheap would need to be made, instead of three.

    It was recently featured on Simon Mayo’s Radio 2 Drivetime show as the “innovation of the week” and also on the Alan Titchmarsh show on ITV.

    The wipe clean booster is made from heavyweight tarp and can easily be fitted inside a regular wheelbarrow in 20 seconds.

    Steve Stringer from the company said: “Mike Smith, who works as a landscape gardener, designed the product to help with his work.

    “However when I saw it, I immediately saw the potential for the equestrian market as my daughter has two ponies.”

    “It really is multipurpose and we’ve tested it rigorously on our yard.”

    For more information about the Wheelbarrow Booster, which retails for £17 and is available in green and pink, visit www.wheelbarrowbooster.co.uk

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