New Olympic threat to equestrianism

  • The International Olympic Committee is once again considering ejecting equestrian sport from the Olympic movement, according to Capt Mark Phillips, writing in Horse & Hound (9 November).

    In recent years, some IOC members have queried the relevance of equestrianism to the Olympics as relatively few nations compete in its disciplines, particularly in dressage and the three-day event.

    Cost and safety are now additional factors. According to Capt Phillips the whole issue could come to a headat Athens 2004. Greece currently has no suitable site and investment from scratch could be a deciding factor.

    Mark Phillips stays with the US Despite being courted by the Germans, Mark Phillips has signed another deal to coach the USA’s three-day event team.

    Capt Phillips has trained the Americans for the past two Olympic cycles and this time steered the team to a bronze medal, and David O’Connor to individual glory in Sydney.

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