‘Fairytale ending’ for pony injured in horrific acid attack

  • The pony who suffered horrific facial injuries in a suspected acid attack this summer is enjoying a “fairytale ending” to her story.

    Cinders has made a successful recovery

    Cinders, who hit headlines in April when she was found abandoned, with extensive burns, underwent extensive surgery at the hands of leading vets at Rainbow Equine Hospital, North Yorkshire.

    Having completed her treatment, she spent time recuperating near the hospital and, having returned to Rainbow last Friday (24 September) for a final check, has now moved to a permanent home.

    “There is a fairytale ending,” said Rainbow’s internal equine medicine specialist Dave Rendle. “She will have a very comfortable life at a beautiful country house in North Yorkshire where she will be cared for by some amazing people who are well known to the team at Rainbow.”

    Mr Rendle said Cinders has made a very good recovery.

    “She has some scarring which has caused some minor distortion around her muzzle and eyelids but this doesn’t trouble her in any way,” he said.

    “She is always bright and happy, and is extremely cheeky. She loves human, equine, canine and ovine company and seems to have no issues around new people despite all she has been through. She has put on weight and has no long-term effects from her ordeal.”

    After Cinders’ story was first publicised, hundreds of people made donations to her care, which included the use of innovative burns dressings, while all the vets who worked on her, including a specialist who flew in from the US, donated their time and funded their travel to treat her.

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    “We would like to publicise the fact that she has made such a great recovery in order to thank everyone who contributed towards her care and in order to update the army of fans she has worldwide,” Mr Rendle said.

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