New Forest pony rescued from barb wire fencing

  • A pony that was found tangled in a wire fence in Keyhaven Marshes in the New Forest, Hampshire this morning (Monday, 24 November) is expected to make a full recovery.

    The New Forest yearling was trapped on its side with its hind legs caught in fencing and barbed wire.

    A passing dog walker saw the pony at 6.47am and called Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.

    It was stuck in the middle of brambles, down a slope and could have been there some time before being spotted, said the fire service.

    Jim Green from Hampshire Fire and Rescue said: “We believe the pony had been trapped for a while and it was important to release it as quickly as possible but the location prevented crews from working safely around the animal.

    “A fundamental control measure in these cases is chemical restraint in the form of sedation or sometimes full anaesthesia.

    “Once released from the fence and assessed by the vet, firefighters made the pony comfortable allowing it to come round from the sedative.

    “The pony’s owner arrived and took it back to the farm where it is expected to make a full recovery.

    “It had a few cuts around its pastern but the vet thought they were probably just superficial. It was walking fine afterwards but puncture wounds can become infected so it will need monitoring,” he added.


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