New encysted small redworm test: owners asked for help with final step

  • Owners have been asked for their help in final evaluation of a new blood test for encysted small redworm.

    Austin Davis Biologics, who provide EquiSal Tapeworm testing, is in the final stages of statistical analysis of a test that can detect the presence of the parasite (encysted cyathostomin).

    The company hopes to have the test ready to launch later this year.

    Dr Corrine Austin told H&H the test, which has been developed with funding from the Horse Trust, will be a positive step forward in worm control and targeted drug use.

    “If we end up with large scale resistance to moxidectin, we are in trouble,” she said.

    “We hope this test will mean we can protect the efficiency of moxidectin treatment and that we are only using that drug when it is really required.”

    She added this is especially important as wormer resistance is an issue, so a test that can pinpoint which horses do — and which don’t — need treating is “very exciting”.

    Austin Davis Biologics is searching for owners whose horses are having blood tests for other health reasons between now and the end of July who would be happy for an extra sample to be taken at the time.

    They also need to be provided with faecal egg count results for that horse and for the whole yard. A history of faecal egg count data would also be helpful.

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    “We have been developing this with the Moredun Research Institute and this really is the final stage of evaluation,” added Dr Austin.

    “We are wanting to look at the correlation between the faecal egg count data and the encysted blood test results in a final screen to fully understand the use of it in the field.”

    Dr Austin added owners will need to speak to their vets beforehand and the company can also provide pre-paid postage, collection tubes as well as consent forms.

    For more information, contact enquiries@equisal.com

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