New course for horse feed suppliers to improve knowledge of feeding

  • Retailers and wholesale suppliers of horse feeds can now take part in a course to help improve their knowledge of feeding equines.

    The Product Advisor Course — Silver, is being run by horse feed manufacturer Dengie.

    “Retailers need up-to-date information, accurate information to be able to inform customers correctly,” Katie Williams, Dengie senior nutritionist, told H&H.

    “The aim of the course is to supply just that. We want retailers to be knowledgeable and well-informed about the products they are selling.”

    The course is broken down into nine different areas, including the digestive system, ratio calculation and condition scoring.

    Delegates are sent an A4 booklet with information. To receive a certificate as a qualified retailer, they must successfully complete an online questionnaire, which can be completed at any time.

    “We recognise that people need to work, and so we think taking it to them is the most effective way,” continued Katie. “It is a balance of time in-store and access to information.

    “We think this system will be user-friendly and beneficial. Furthermore, if retailers are unsure about anything in the booklet, if requested a Dengie nutritionist can visit to provide face-to-face training.”

    Silver is the second course in the Dengie range: the Bronze course, which provides only a basic level of knowledge, is product-orientated and introductory. Although there are plans for a Gold level, it is not likely that it will be introduced this year.

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