Must Read: Books for Christmas

  • For the competition rider:

    For every horse lover:

    Hunting from Hampstead
    By Robert Stedall

    A snapshot of life in Victorian England when hunting and horsemanship were much closer to London life. The book details the history of two generations of the Stedall family who lived on Hampstead Heath.

    Michael Clayton writes: “Robert Stedall has done his family proud. This remarkable collection of family photographs breaks up the somewhat solid text, but this book is well worth tackling as a unique blend of social history and horsemanship.”

    Cost: £14.80 from Amazon.co.uk.
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    My Privileged Life
    By Thady Ryan

    My Privileged Life is the tale of one of Ireland’s best-known and most-loved sporting sons, Thady Ryan. It gives a magical insight into the life of the Master of the Scarteen hounds, as well as his loves, hates, ambitions and hopes.

    Nigel Peelwrites: “I have never read a book quite like it. Throughout the story, loud and clear, comes a great belief that good will triumph over evil. As a dedicated foxhunter, one of the most charming and important parts of the book deals with his love and respect for the fox. To those who wish to read of a life well lived with humour and great passion, this book is a must!

    Cost: £42.75 from Amazon.co.uk.
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    Gentleman George?
    George Duffield with Michael Tanner

    The autobiography of George Duffield — a racing legend of his own lifetime. During his long career George has been associated with countless top-class horses, including 1992 Oaks and St Leger winner User Friendly, Eclipse hero Giant’s Causeway and the dual Champion Stakes heroine Alborada. This is his story.

    Marcus Armytage writes: “The great thing about George Duffield is, though his career may not be finished, he has been around long enough to have something to say and to have lived a bit. This is an interesting and frank account of his life, as well as a social history of the past 50 years of British racing. I’d make it my racing book of the year.”

    Cost: £14.39 from Amazon.co.uk.
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    Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners
    By Capt M Horace Hayes

    The latest edition of this guide to equine health care provides comprehensivecoverage of such topics as infectious diseases and health management, and provides new chapters on performance and artificial insemination.

    Karen Coumbe writes: “This classic text, now in its 18th edition, provides basic information on many equine veterinary subjects. Many crucial topics such as the common causes of lameness and key issues involved with horse breeding are clearly explained. There are also logical diagrams and informative pictures, which help to make things clearer. This edition is an excellent update and is crammed with useful information in an easily readable format.”

    Cost: £25.65 from Amazon.co.uk.
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    Dressage for the 21st Century
    by Paul Belasik

    Dressage for the 21st Century is firmly grounded in the works of the equestrian masters, and provides practical advice from working the young horse to airs above the ground. Illustrated with more than 100 colour photographs and illustrations. Available in hardback.

    HORSE magazine writes: “Rider, trainer and philosopher Paul Belasik takes the reader from early work with the young horse to airs above the ground in this extremely practical book. Key topics covered include lungeing and in-hand work, the importance of establishing a correct seat and straightness, contact and impulsion. Dressage for the 21st Century offers sound technical advice and has much to offer all riders.”

    Cost: £25.00 from Amazon.co.uk.
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    Cut Throat
    by Lyndon Stacey

    In this novel set in the show jumping world, rider Ross Wakelin comes to England for a fresh start whenan horrific accident leaves his US career in tatters. Things don’t run smoothly in his new life and not only does Ross have to cope with some difficult riders, but he’s drawn into the investigation surrounding the death of a Hickstead Derby winnerwho is found in his stable with his throat cut.

    HORSE magazine writes: “Cut Throat is an enjoyable read with some great characters, both human and equine. The climax of the story makes it a real page turner and offers the reader plenty of surprises.”

    Cost: £7.99 from Amazon.co.uk.
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    The Versatile Welsh Breeds
    by Brenda Williams

    This book takes a fresh look at the Welsh Breeds, and is packed with information about these great performers. With more than 50 colour photographs, this book is ideal for all Welsh Breed enthusiasts.

    HORSE magazine writes: “Established fans of Welsh horses and ponies as well as those interested in learning about this popular breed will enjoy this celebration by writer and breeder Brenda Williams. Supported by photographs, Brenda offers sound advice for beginners, exhibitors and experienced breeders.

    Cost: £12.95 from Amazon.co.uk.
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    The Behaviour of Horses in Relation to Management and Training
    by Dr Marthe Kiley-Worthington

    HORSE magazine writes: “Marthe Kiley-Worthington has drawn on 25 years of research to write this thought-provoking study on the behaviour, welfare and training of horses. Combining scientific fact with original thinking, Marthe invites owners to look more closely into patterns of behaviour.

    “The result is a greater understanding of the equine species. With sections on how horses learn, behavioural problems, horse language and horse society, you will start to relate to your own horse in a very different way.”

    Cost: £10.95 from Amazon.co.uk.
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    Natural Healing for Horses
    by Jenny Morgan

    HORSE magazine writes: “This book explains how you can provide a more natural lifestyle for your horse by using homeopathy, massage andherbal remedies to treat minor injuries and common ailments.

    “The emphasis is on integrating natural therapies with modern veterinary medicine. As well as maintaining the wellbeing of the horse, Natural Healing for Horses can help owners to understand their equine companion on a deeper level.”

    Cost: £15.93 from Amazon.co.uk.
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    Training the Young Horse
    by Pippa Funnell and Kate Green

    Pippa Funnell andKate Green have teamed up to provide this easy-to-follow, no-nonsense guide to training novice horses. Clearly illustrated with colour photographs, topics include early flatwork, introducing jumping, cross-country schooling and first competitions.

    HHO editor, Barbara Young writes: “Pippa Funnell has produced what will surely be one of this year’s best training books. This indispensable guide is a ‘must read’ for all riders, whether you’re planning to tackle your first affiliated one-day event, or simply aiming to give your youngster the best all-round education.”

    Cost: £16.52 from Amazon.co.uk.
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    Fitness in the Horse
    by Susan McBane

    This book must be the definitive guide to equine fitness and how to achieve it.

    HORSE magazine writes: “The paperback edition of this popular guide explains what fitness is, how it affects health and how to achieve it for your own horse. Various fitness-increasing methods are explored, as well as preventing problems, maintaining condition, nutrition, illness and injury. This is a useful source, whether you want to fine-tune a competition horse’s performance or enhance the pleasure of hacking out.”

    Cost: £12.99 from Amazon.co.uk.
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    McCoy: The Autobiography
    by A P McCoy and Steve Taylor

    In his autobiography seven-time champion jockey Tony McCoy, the greatest jump jockey in history, tells how the school-hating, horse-loving kid from Northern Ireland fought his way to the top, through triumph, tragedy, laughter and sacrifice.

    Lord Oaksey writes: “The easiest way to irritate AP McCoy is to call him ‘the greatest jockey there has ever been.’ Nevertheless he would be a leading candidate for the (imaginary) title, and after reading this book, I am closer to believing it than ever before. However, as AP keeps reminding us (and himself), ‘you are only as good as your last ride – or next fall.’ “

    Cost: £15.19 from Amazon.co.uk.
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