Miniature Shetland with broken leg dumped on roadside

  • A miniature Shetland pony has been found dumped with a broken leg, an ulcerated eye and lice infestation.

    The 9hh mare’s condition was so severe that she had to be put down.

    She was found at the side of a road in Northumberland by a passer-by.

    The member of the public secured the pony to a gate and gave her food and water, before calling the police, who contacted the RSPCA.

    An officer came to the scene, on Gowk Lane, Belsay, on Tuesday morning (30 May).

    “This poor pony was in a terrible state,” said RSPCA inspector Helen Bestwick. “She
    had a broken left hind leg and as if that wasn’t bad enough also had an ulcer on her right eye, was infested with lice and in poor body condition.

    “Vet opinion is that the leg was broken for at least a couple of days as it was very swollen, and that the ulcer on her eye was probably caused by her lying down a lot. She also had a temperature and infection.

    “Sadly, it was their view that she should be put to sleep on welfare grounds.”

    The mare had no microchip and her owner has not been traced.

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    “I’m hoping that someone will know who she belongs to, or have seen something that might help us to trace the person or people who dumped this poor pony instead of providing her with veterinary treatment,” added inspector Bestwick.

    “There was signs that a vehicle had been pulled up onto the grass verge, and sawdust scattered around which could have come from a horse trailer.

    “Anyone with any information should call us on our inspector appeal line 0300 123 8018 and ask to leave a message for me.”

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