Loose horse killed in collision with car at 40mph

  • Police are appealling for witnesses after a loose horse was killed in a collision with a car in Warrington, Cheshire.

    A couple, aged 45 and 48, were driving towards their home on Widnes Road in Cuerdley when the horse ran out in front of their car, on Thursday, 18 February.

    Although the car flipped over onto its side, both escaped with minor injuries.

    “We were travelling at about 40 miles per hour,” the driver, who did not want to be identified, told local papers. “The horse came straight across and there was no way we could have seen it.

    “All the witnesses said there was no way we could have seen the horse – it just bolted straight out.”

    Police were called to the scene at 3.50pm.

    “We arrived on the scene ten minutes after being called, but by then the horse was already dead,” local police officers told H&H.

    “The horse had escaped from nearby stables.”

    Emergency services said that the couple, who were driving a VW Sharan, only avoided serious injury due to the size of their car.

    “The whole incident has been very shocking for us,” the driver continued. “The most shocking thing to think about is that our children may have been without parents.”

    Police are asking for any witnesses to get in touch. If you have any information, call 0845 458 000.

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