Lee Pearson rides into the Royal Albert Hall

  • Elbow-grease saved the day when Paralympic equestrian gold medallist Lee Pearson was invited to London’s Royal Albert Hall for a Channel 4 documentary.

    Twenty-eight tons of Ecotrack synthetic riding surface from Martin Collins Enterprises had been delivered to the venue but the Hall’s suspended stage could not take the weight in one go. So 30 men had to wheel the surface into the historic venue by barrow.

    Four hours later, Lee and his two horses, Gentleman and Zion, rode in through the dress circle for an unusual performance of a Swan Lake routine, accompanied by ballet dancers.

    Then it was back to the barrows to remove the arena, all in the same day.

    “It was brilliant,” said Lee who is believed to be the first person ever to ride a horse in the Royal Albert Hall.

    The programme, called “Inside Incredible Athletes — Paralympics” was filmed by Renegade Pictures for Channel 4 and will be broadcast on August 29.

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