Kingsbarn EC fights back against strangles outbreak

  • A Scottish equestrian centre has used the latest technology to battle a strangles outbreak.

    The British Horse Society-approved Kingsbarn Equestrian Centre has been closed since 4 May due to the outbreak. But manager Debbie McCormack is employing new diagnostic techniques and a concerted biosecurity effort in order to keep the disease under control.

    “It is a terrible realisation that we have had a strangles carrier in our midst and now the effects of the outbreak are costing us money, work and worry,” she said.

    Dr David Sutton at Clyde Veterinary Group, Lanark has spearheaded the effort to control the disease as Debbie explained: “ We’ve had superb veterinary support from David Sutton and we’ve been able to use swabs, a new blood test developed by the Animal Health Trust and guttural pouch lavage to help manage the outbreak.”

    No new cases of the disease have been seen at the centre in the past two weeks and Dr Sutton commented: “This is a great testimony to the efforts and dedication of the staff.”

    The British Horse Society and Animal Health Trust are hosting a two-day workshop showcasing the latest research to combat Strangles at Dundas Castle and Royal Dick Veterinary College, Edinburgh this week.

    Taking place on 26-27 May, “Getting to Grips With Strangles” focuses on diagnostic and preventative techniques including the prospect of an effective vaccine.

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