Kings Troop welcomes new recruit

  • Irish Draught mare rescued from squalor begins a new life as a gun horse for the Kings Troop

    A mare signed over to the ILPH after being found in an appalling condition in Yorkshire, has started a new life as a gun horse for the Kings Troop.

    Penny, a 15.2hh four-year-old Irish Draught mare was found along with three others in an emaciated state, covered in lice and suffering from mange. The four horses were taken to the ILPH’s new centre Penny Farm, near Blackpool, where they were the first welfare cases to be admitted since its opening.

    Coincidentally, Tony Flemming, centre manager and former member of the Kings Troop heard that the Royal Horse Artillery were having trouble recruiting suitable gun horses. He approached them about having Penny on loan.

    “At 15.2hh she is the right sort and I thought she would make a superb gun horse,” he explained.

    Major Simon Hall accepted Penny on behalf of the Royal Horse Artillery at a handover at Penny Farm today (28 September). Although Penny is unbroken she has been well handled and will be broken by members of the Kings Troop.

    The remaining horses rescued alongside Penny are unfortunately too old to be considered for the Kings Troop, but it is hoped that loan homes will be found for them. Another mare, Rosa, who is 30 years old, will spend the rest of her days at Penny Farm.

    The RSPCA decided not to prosecute the horses’ eldery owner, as advancing years and illness had left him unable to provide suitable care for them.

    For more information on the ILPH visit www.ilph.org.uk

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