Keyflow launches new advanced anti-inflammatory supplement

  • Keyflow (UK) Ltd has launched a new Omega 3 oil supplement that it claims will have myriad health benefits.

    Keyflow Key-3 Oil contains a specific blend of natural vegetable and fish oils rich in valuable fatty acids. When fed at optimal levels, these fatty acids have been shown to have a raft of benefits including lowering the heart rate, increasing blood circulation, improving cognitive health and boosting fertility.

    Horses evolved grazing on pastures rich in Omega 3, however through domestication and controlled feeding they now typically consume diets containing high levels of Omega 6.

    By adjusting the Omega 3 to Omega 6 ration, the manufacturers say it is possible to decrease the occurrence of inflammatory reactions to problems such as laminitis, arthritis and dermatitis – diseases that are traditionally treated with anti-inflammatory medicines.

    Keyflow Key-3 Oil can be fed to all types of horses and ponies. Available in 5litre and 20litre drums with a RRP of £29.50 and £89.90 respectively.

    For more information visit www.keyflow.co.

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