iPhone app launched to help owners find a vet in an emergency

  • What do you do if you’re travelling to another part of the country to a show and you suddenly need a vet?

    The problem is now solved, thanks to a new iPhone app launched to help owners find vets in an emergency has been launched.

    The Vet Emergency Telephone (V-E-T) app is free to download and has a database of more than 5,500 UK vets.

    The app uses the GPS in your phone to locate your position, before searching the database to find the nearest vet practice to you.

    The V-E-T app gives the name and address of vet clinics nearest to your location. It also supplies directions should you need to take your horse — or dog — to the clinic, and a map display to show you your position.

    Online veterinary medicine supplier VetUK has launched the app, and hopes to extend the service to list vets in France, Spain and Italy.

    To download the V-E-T app at iTunes, visit http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/v-e-t/id393840409?mt=8

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