Hovis the Clydesdale publishes second book for Bransby

  • Fans of Hovis the Clydesdale can rejoice following the publication of the equine star’s second diary, Hovis’ Friday Diary: The Year Of The Destroyer 2010-2011.

    All proceeds from the book are being donating to the equine welfare charity, the Bransby Home of Rest for Horses.

    Hovis’ Friday Diary started on the H&H online forum in 2008, penned each week by Hovis’ owner Karen Thompson.

    Her witty interpretation of her horse’s life gained a huge following and led to the publication of her first book Hovis’ Friday Diary – From the Beginning (2008-2010).

    The first book was written to raise funds to help support Carrot and Spud, two horses that were rescued with assistance from H&H forum members into the care of Bransby.

    Unfortunately both horses have since passed away, but Karen was clear she wanted to continue her support of the centre.

    I wanted the money to go to Bransby again because despite tough financial times, they continue to take in active rescue cases and work so incredibly hard for a positive outcome,” Karen explained.

    “I took a lot of comfort from knowing just how good Carrot and Spud had it in their final years and how loved they both were. That wouldn’t have happened if Bransby hadn’t taken them in.

    “So many of the cases that come through the doors at Bransby are just as heart wrenching. If they don’t continue to get support, then who is going to help the next Carrot and Spud? So if Hovis and I can help in some small way, then it’s the least we can do.”

    Continuing from where his first book Hovis’ Friday Diary: From the Beginning left off, his second diary covers the difficulties of new unrequited lusts, the fun of getting in trouble with friends, the delight of impressing his mum, the days in the dog house, his mother’s odd antics and the heartbreaking loss of old friends in his typically amusing and slightly irreverent style.

    The book costs £5.99 with all proceeds going to the Bransby Home of Rest for Horses.

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