Horse rider rows with Donald Trump’s security

  • A row broke out last week between US billionaire Donald Trump’s security team and a horse rider in Scotland.

    A 28-year-old woman was stopped by security last Thursday (27 May) when riding on Mr Trump’s Menie Estate in Aberdeenshire.

    She was riding through the dunes on Donald Trump’s golf course when his security team reported her to police for “repeatedly riding over a delicate area” of freshly sown marram grass.

    But the rider, who wishes to remain anonymous counter claimed that she was “detained against her will” and has reportedly lodged a complaint with Grampian Police.

    “A jeep with two security guys came on to the beach and came up after me at high speed with lights flashing,” she told local press.

    “They spooked my horse quite badly and I nearly came off.”

    She added that she was held for 45 minutes while security waited for police to arrive.

    “I was expecting a police car and then these two Range Rovers pulled up. Out stepped about four American security guards and a woman dressed in a suit.

    “I was interrogated by the woman and two of the men. They were quite aggressive and accused me of vandalism. It was a terrifying ordeal.”

    But Sarah Malone of Trump International Scotland, said: “She was spoken to politely and respectfully.”

    A spokesman for Grampian Police confirmed to H&H there was an incident but they were not investigating as there was “no evidence of criminality”.

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